Thursday, 14 March 2019

What MPs really want to vote on

The first draft of a new Brexit bill:
"This House declares that pigs shall fly and that unelected feathered creatures shall not have a monopoly on movement through the air."

Amendment 1:
The bill is prejudicial to cows, therefore it should read “This House declares that pigs and cows shall fly ...”
Objection 1:
Pigs should be deleted because some regard them as dirty and unhygienic, and others regard them as ceremonially unclean
Objection 2:
Cows should be deleted because the word is sometimes used as a sexist insult.

Amendment 2:
"This house declares that unicorns shall fly ..."

Amendment 2 was passed by a substantial majority.
But nobody thought to ask the unicorns what they wanted.

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  1. Another take on the same idea: